Hourboost Farms Hours on your steam profile by Idling Games On your Steam account, without leaving your computer powered
Our service runs 24/7 with 99.98% uptime of Steam Servers, that makes you gain your playtime in fastest way possible!
You can choose up to 32 Games to idle at same time, That gives up to 23808 Hours in total monthly, and up to 10752 Hours in past 2 weeks!

Recent activity, Hours past 2 Weeks

Our Hourboost also has automated card drops, that will get you trading cards automaticly, without need to download and play these games
You don't need to disable security features like Mobile Token (Steam Guard) or Family Code, our idler supports all security features on steam
Cheapest Hourboost comes at 1€ Which makes it way better option than leaving your computer on, or buying decidated vps server just to idle

Prices (for one Account per one Month):

Status Bank Transfer
SEPA Transfer
Wallet Codes
Steam Cards
Game Items
Steam Items
PaySafeCard (PL)
Online Status 1€ 1.25€ 1.5€ 5PLN 4PLN
Offline Status 2€ 2.5€ 3€ 10PLN 8PLN
Custom Status 2€ 2.5€ 3€ 10PLN 8PLN

*BTC, ETH, ZEC, BTG, FTC, XMR, LTC; help and more info
**Given price in skins stands for value of all items in trade, you don't need to have one skin of this value,
and you can also pay with steam items, gems and items from other games.
If you pay with keys, We count each key as 2.5 Euros in PaySafeCard
We also accept other Payment methods like market transfer, gems, games and more, more info

Contact us on Livechat or Telegram to order our services!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can i play while using hourboost?
Yes, just kick our idler from game.

1.1. How fast will it connect back once i stop playing?
Up to 2 seconds from moment when steam notices that you closed your game

2. Can i disable automatic card drops?
Yes, but its pointless to opt out from 'free money'

3. How does it work that i don't need to disable mobile token, and other idling services require that?
We just use static login session, same way as you can use 'Save Password' In your steam client
And in case steam looses our session, we can use backup login codes that you should provide
while activating hourboost, you can get these codes Here by clicking on 'Get Backup Codes'

4. Can i get banned for using hourboost?
No, hourboosting increases hours in same way as your steam client when you play

5. Is vac error in csgo/tf2 still a thing? How to fix it?
It's very easy to fix, Just close your steam and open again as administrator
This is caused by playing on one account from multiple computers, because each computer has different login session,
and steam saves session id and time when was it created, if you launch game on other computer you create new session
on that computer, which overwrites previous session of other computer, and causes it to get vac error from expired session

6. Can I change settings of my hourboost after its activated?
Yes, Each change of configuration deducts 2 Days from your hourboost time
(extending hourboost time does not deduct days, even if done after it expired, as long as login credentials didin't change)

7. Is 1 month counted as 31 Days or 28?
We count each month as 31 Days, but first month is 29 due to initial change in configuration

8. What if i don't have enough money for 2 months, but more than for 1 month?
We will proportionally add you additional days calculated from percent of monthly price

Example Accounts:

Example acc 1
Example acc 2
Example acc 3