Steam Level-UP Normal Set Info

Normal Sets have limit of 500XP per badge
To go higher with level you need to craft more badges
More badges you already crafted = Less badges left to craft
Normal sets we sell, and sets from bots with ~19:1 rate are LOW-TIER sets!
Estimated highest possible level when going from 0 with LOW-TIER sets is 150!

To go above estimated maximum you need to use either festive sets or higher tier sets
We do have festive sets when they are avaible, WE DON'T DO HIGHER TIER SETS!

Also higher you go, longer it takes for us to prepare your order
becouse we have to find you unique sets which you haven't crafted yet
(And same goes when buing from bots, they will say they have 0 sets you haven't crafted)

Easiest way to understand this is to look at this compromise triangle: